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Picking the perfect DJ from a crowd of Wanabe DJs

How do you make sure you have the right DJ for your special day?

How much to tip, what songs to request to make you your event the most excellent!

1.Craft a playlist so people can’t help but get up out of that chair…and dance!

2. DJs should have their own music and not need WIFI

3. Check reviews and experience

4. Ask to see video of their other gigs

5. Consult clearly with your DJ on your wants and needs to insure they fully understand the evening and timing of ecerything

6. Write everything down! This insures there are no misunderstandings

7. Determine how the DJ will get updates PHONE-EMAIL or HAND SIGNALS from you if needed during event to trigger the timing of special dances, announcements and so forth.

8. Speak to your DJ and show pictures of family so he recognizes those on the dance floor and sitting. Special needs, handicap, special people that you want him/her to encourage or point out.

9. Keep your favorite songs to a limit. Too many options and songs on a list can ruin a party and limit your DO NOT PLAY list.

10. Food, tips, shout outs, high fives, good reviews are what DJs thrive on! Do Not Forget to be a gracious and generous host to your DJ they work hard for you, show them you appreciate the effort on your special day!.